The Horn of Africa community in Canada has been growing significantly during the past two decades. With such increase in migration there is a significant need to develop sustainable and reliable educational support system to strengthening individual capabilities in the form of counseling, mentorship, training and general support services. To address these needs and expand opportunities for our community members and become active participants and beneficiaries of Canada’s dynamic economic, HAEEDS offers highly needed education and skills programs including but not limited to advisory support, mentorship, skills training, access to information and job markets by our community members particularly young and second generation as well as new comers.


Here are some of the main education related services offered by HAEEDS


  • Assist newcomers from Horn of Africa with their career plans

  • Help newcomers from Horn of Africa to settle and integrate into Canadian Culture

  • Cooperate with local educational institutions to coordinate training/skill requirements to meet the needs of local employers.  

  • Promote access to resources and tools for education, training, and supportive services through a variety of means and media.

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