Health Awareness

Health Awareness

The Horn of Africa community in Canada is one of the largest and has been a popular destination for refugees and asylum seekers for various reasons including better health care system. This group of community have many health needs, and access to health services is often complicated by language barriers and a lack of properly trained interpreters and health advocates.

Many have little or no formal education and minimal English skills, and thus are not aware of the services that may be available to them. Thus, this make the need to raise awareness of Health and Health Care related services among the African community in Canada far greater than any other issues.

HAEEDS team has design and introduce health awareness and education programs available through workshops, seminars and the use of technology including but not limited to social media and website. We believe that such methods of health education and awareness, would encourage the community to work with doctors and break social barriers of taboo diseases such as Colorectal, Breast and Prostate Cancers and female genital mutilation (FGM). All programs are guided by an advisory committee consisting of African community members and local service providers.

Our Health Awareness services includes;

  • Community focused seminars and workshop on health education empowerment
  • Web and Social Media engagement to reach out wider audience particularly the young people.
  • Provide culture-specific and language-appropriate translation services to reduce cultural and language barriers between patience and medical team

Main Service Areas

  • Healthy Promotion
  • Healthy life style and Health diet
  • Healthy awareness
  • Provansion, traditional wham full practices
  • Taboos, Such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and Stigmas associated with certain diseases.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Prostate Cancer Awareness
  • Colon/Bowel Cancer
  • Prenatal support and Education
  • Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Click below Link for more information.

  • This is what happens to your body over months in isolation, Please see click below Link.
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