About haeeds

about Haeeds

We are charity which has been operating in Edmonton Since 2017. We reperesent the Horn African communcity. We derive our income from membership contributions and fundraising events.

We have two hundred and seventy-three members, office personal, seven directors, and five memebers of the elderly advisory circle. Together, we manage the corporate affairs.

Our board officers are the chaiperson, the vice-chariperson, the secretary, and the treasurer. The duties assigned to the other directors include infromation technology and media, sort and your activities, public and racial relations, health, education and busniess. The Elferly Advisory Circle provides orientation, guidence, and advice on sociocultural matters.

Our mission is to help a scoiety that understands the value of cultural diversity. We also envision a society that offers services that are culturally appropriate to its chaning demographics.

We assess the community’s needs and identify shortcomings in the service delivery system. As a result, we are engaging all stakeholders in the removal of existing barriers and the provision of public services in a culturally appropriate context.

In addition, we organize workshops geared to culture. Participants learn how race and culture impact a person’s perception, behaviors and attitudes. Other important workshops include heath promotion, awareness and prevetion of harmful practices-taboos such as female genital mutilation (FGM) and stigma associated with certian diseases. We also offer after-school and summer activies for children an young adults (tutoring, and cultural language classes, summer jos and camping).

We also provide translation, interpreting services, and fundraising actvities. Additionally, we provide resettlemnt support to newcomers, such as emotional support, orientation sessions, hoursing arrangements, computer training, and job readiness activities.

In February 2020, we opened an Internet Cafe to the public (currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic). At that time, we also lounched a community sponsored initiative to help refugees in camps aboard join thier families, relative and friends in Canada.

And since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have virtually communitted to providing COVID-19 mitigation measures that focus on the magic of wahsing your hands, keeping your distacne, and wearing masks.

Overall, since 2017, we have offered a range of services and programs to thousands of people in Edmonton. In addition, from 2017 to 2019, we held a number of health awareness, educational and career counseling, business literacy, computer training and anti-racism workships. 

We also have a great working relationsip woth other agencies in Edmonton.

To sum up, while our clients are usually of Easy African descent, we help anyone seeking help.

Our Vision

We envision a society that delivers culturally appropriate services to its ever evolving diverse populations.


 We are committed to contributing and advocating to build of a society that embraces and embodies the value of cultural diversity in order to improve the delivery of public services.
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