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 As we all know, the refugee problem in Africa is one of the serious problems of the world today. Particularly, though refugees in East African region have been there for many years, they still could not attain self-reliance. Moreover, they are unable to relocate to their home countries because of persecution. 

 Our community members have family members, relatives, and friends who live in these countries as refugees. However, since most members are not financially capable of bringing their loved ones into Canada, they reach HAEEDS for help. 

 As a result, HAEEDS had organized private sponsorship training with RSTP for its board, staff, and volunteers and subsequently arranged their participation in several RSTP webinar sessions.  Besides, many HAEEDS Board members and volunteers have years of experience in private sponsorships. They sponsored their loved ones who have successfully integrated. 

 Therefore, HAEEDS invites all community members to contribute to the HAEEDS community sponsorship program.  Please act NOW and donate to make a difference in the lives of those who are still in refugee camps. 

 So, please donate according to your preference as indicated below: 

1.     for financial donations, go to:    

  1. a) the HAEEDS website at haeeds.org or 
  2. b) any TD branch & donate at either account # 5249451(Chequing) or 5262199(Saving)

2.     for financial or in-kind donations, contact HAEEDS office at 587 523 0715/email to: info@haeeds.org